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John's Westchester Bike Routes for Cowards
Westchester Bike Routes for Cowards


Biking in Westchester can be beautiful, but is often also dangerous. Here are a couple of routes I've developed that avoid the worst roads. They provide plenty of hill work, and a few extra miles, but they are quiet, mostly shaded, and safer than the routes in the valleys.

  1. Somers to Katonah
    This route avoids highways 100, 35 and 22. The 15 miles take me about an hour and a half. There are several miles of dirt roads, but they are in good shape and not a problem for a road bike. Finish up with a muffin and orange juice at the Wooden Nickle - you'll deserve it after all those hills.
    • From the Kirtley condo: Heritage Hills 420B, turn right
    • 0.2 mi: At top of hill, turn right at stop sign
    • 0.35 mi: At stop sign, turn left on West Hill Drive
    • 0.9 mi: Cross Warren Street, continue on West Hill Drive
    • 1.1 mi: At stop sign, turn left onto Heritage Hills Drive
    • 2.9 mi: At stop sign, turn right onto 202, then almost immediately left onto 116 East
    • 4.4 mi: Cross over 684 - at stop light cross 22, left then immediate right onto Titicus River Road
    • 5.0 mi: Straight onto Mills Road
    • 6.2 mi: Straight onto Bogtown Road
    • 7.1 mi: Right on Yrkes Road
    • 7.5 mi: Left at Y to continue on Yrkes Road
    • 7.7 mi: Right at T onto Sullivan Road
    • 8.2 mi: Cross 138, right then left to Brundige Road
    • 8.6 mi: Right onto Wright Road
    • 8.7 mi: Right at T onto Cornel Drive
    • 8.9 mi: Right at T onto Shoshone Drive
    • 9.5 mi: Left at T onto Indian Hill Drive
    • 9.6 mi: Right at T onto Flintlock Ridge Road
    • 10.2 mi: Left at T onto Todd Road
    • 10.4 mi: Right onto Mt. Holly Rd.
    • 11.5 mi: Right to continue on Mt. Holly Rd.
    • 12.6 mi: Right onto N. Salem Rd., then immediate left onto Mount Holly Road
    • 13.5 mi: Cross route 35 to Maple Avenue - you will have to walk your bike around a dirt berm, and ignore some no admittance signs - there are several well trodden paths
    • 13.7 mi: Cross dam
    • 13.8 mi: Right on reservoir road
    • 14.3 mi: Cross Route 35 onto Jay Street
    • 14.9 mi: Take Jay Street into Katonah
  2. Somers to North End of Westchester Bike Path
    It seems silly to drive your car to ride on the bike path, so here's a way to get there moderately safely.
    • From Kirtley condo: Heritage Hills 420B, turn left
    • At stop sign turn right onto Fred's Way
    • 0.4 mi: At stop sign turn left onto Warren Street
    • Warren Street turns into Shindegan Road
    • 1.8 mi: Turn left at T onto Union Valley Road
    • 2.0 mi: Turn right at cemetery onto Sandy Street
    • 2.7 mi: At T turn left onto Croton Falls Road
    • Next right onto Stebbins Road
    • 3.3 mi: Left up Cherry Hill Road - very steep!
    • 4.6 mi: Turn right at T onto Drewville Road
    • Immediate left onto Seminary Hill Road
    • 7.0 mi: Turn left onto bike path just before Glenida Court enters from right